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In present times, surveys pertaining to customer satisfaction are becoming very popular. The foremost reason for these surveys is gauging the level of quality services that are offered to customers. To put in simple terms, the objective of these surveys is to help a company engaged in the business of selling a product or service to determine the level of customer satisfaction with regard to the product or service offered to them.

Take KFC Survey or Give Feedback

What Is KFC?

Kentucky Fried Chicken or popularly known as KFC is only the largest and most popular fast food restaurant chain throughout the world. KFC has over 23,000 outlets across the globe and has operations in 142 countries of the world as of 2019. The specialty of KFC is its fried chicken. It makes the sales of KFC exorbitant and ranks 2nd in terms of sales. The first one being McDonald’s.

What Is MyKFCExperience?

MyKFCExperience is primarily a customer satisfaction survey designed with the objective of collecting the data that relates to the satisfaction levels of the KFC customers who have availed the services at one of their outlets. This customer satisfaction survey has been formulated in a comprehensive manner so that they can estimate how satisfied their customers are. Using the survey of MyKFCExperience, customers can share their candid views on KFC. The officials of the company will go through the opinions and will work to modify their services accordingly to cater quality services to them.

Is it necessary to purchase something from KFC outlet to participate in the survey?Yes, that is how you will get a receipt with the survey code and time mentioned on it, which is essential for the survey.
Type of entry Online
Age limit 18 years and more
Prize of surveyKFC Go Cups
Expiry of the codeWithin 30 days of generation of the receipt
Entry limit A single entry per receipt

What Are The Basic Requirements You Need To Fulfill To Participate In The Survey?

Before you go ahead and begin with the MyKFCExperience survey, you need to go through the below-mentioned requirements that are vital to take the survey. They are as follows:

  • To take the survey of MyKFCExperience, you must have a receipt from KFC that has a unique survey code on it, which is an invitation to the survey. The receipt should not be older than 30 days from the date of conducting the survey at
  • In addition to the above, the customer’s legal residence must be the United States of America to participate in the KFC survey.
  • The customer participating in the survey must be 18 years or above.
  • The participant must have basic knowledge of using an electronic device such as a computer, a laptop, or a smartphone. The same should support an active and stable internet connection.
  • All the participants of the MyKFCExperience survey will need to have basic knowledge of typing and reading in Spanish or English as the website supports both these languages.

If you fulfill the prerequisites mentioned above, you are all set to participate in the survey and win exciting rewards.

More About Survey!

The company requires you to answer all the questions put in front of you during the survey, honestly and candidly. You are supposed to entail about your experience while dining at any of the KFC outlets or even if it was a takeaway order. Once the survey is complete, the portal will generate a verification code. This verification code is the code that you are supposed to take to the very same outlet where you made your previous purchase and avail the rewards attached to it. It is pertinent to mention here that this verification code is authentic only for a period of 30 days from the date the receipt with which you conducted the survey was generated. Therefore, it is advisable to conduct the survey well within the time of making your initial purchase so that you have ample time to avail the rewards of completing it. In addition to this, it is essential for you to know that the verification code is only valid once, and the customer cannot avail of subsequent benefits from it. Further, it is essential to point out that at the time of conducting the survey, the customer should make sure that their Javascript and cookies are enabled.

How To Take MyKFCExperience Survey? Here’s How:

The process is effortless, and you just need to follow a few simple steps, which are:

  • Visit the official website of the KFC Survey, i.e.,
  • You will be asked to enter the “Survey Code” along with the “Time” the receipt was generated at. Once you fill out these details, click on “Start.”
  • Once you are redirected to a new page, you will come across a series of questions that you are supposed to answer. Answer all of them honestly.
  • Once you answer all the questions, you will be asked to provide your contact details. Enter the same correctly.
  • Once the contact details are submitted, the screen will pop-up code on it.

Note the code cautiously on your receipt and keep it safe to present the same at the KFC outlet to avail of the reward.

The Customer May Come Across Problems Like

  • Invalid survey code – this will happen only if the same survey code is used twice, so make sure that the same is not repeated.
  • Unable to commence the survey – make sure that the Javascript and cookies are enabled in your system.
  • Unable to get through the portal with correct survey code – the reason could be the expiry of the 30 days. Make sure that you are taking the survey within 30 days from the date of generation of the receipt.

Final Words

As is evident, the KFC survey at is an opportunity for both the company and the customers to benefit from it. The customers get to put forward their opinions and suggestions to avail of better services in the future and avail rewards at the same time. In the same vein, the company gets honest customer reviews and feedback so that they can take corrective measures to improve the services and attract more and more customers. Therefore, if you visit the KFC outlet, make sure to get your receipt and take part in the MyKFCExperience survey.

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  1. On 5/5/20 @12:18 ticket # 1906 code;375269.
    Cashier NAJANAEYAW was great !! Although while the cashier was busy preparing our meals & drinks the Manager was cleaning and sanitizing the counter where the drinks were being prepared the 3 cups were filled sitting on the ledge counter and the manager took his anticiptic cleaner and sprayed with no hesitation! As I looked on as astonished of his action … I stopped the cashier from setting the caps on the cups and advised her what she was not aware of on what just had happened and requested for a fresh dispensary of our soda order and with no hesitation & smile she did. We were also not given a receipt because we were at drive through because of COVID-19 we knocked at the store door and requested our receipt manager was standoffish and returned with no recourse! Although there is a huge clear sign that reads if “KFC forgets to give you receipts food is on the house”. Please honor worded signage!

  2. We visited KFC in Gaylord(as we so often do). We were very disappointed with the service.
    After a 30 minute wait at the drive-thru, we ordered the $20.00 Fill Up. (original recipe). The chicken was not at all what we were accustomed to . We got 4 legs 2 wings and 2 breasts. (very small pieces) We have been customers for many years and this is the worst experience we’ve had.
    I’m sorry for this comment, but had to let you know.
    Thank you for your time

  3. I am very angry with kfc my husband just got home with out dinner he paid 11.49 for my meal which included 2 sides I received nothing this is about the 5th time this happened yesterday I went right when the opened and asked for potatoe wedges and corn I received mashed potatoes and coleslaw which I don’t like I am going to the better business bureau and complain because the last time I complained I never heard back from anyone you are cheating people if every other order is not given sides you cant even check it because we can only go through the drive thru

  4. Manistee KFC open to drive thru only… probably like most other KFC restaurants around the US. Waited
    in line for quite some time with cars lined up. Seems like waiting on one person at a time thru just the drive thru
    could move a little faster. When I finally got my food I was shorted 2 pieces of chicken which of course no matter
    how much you check your order you cannot count every piece of chicken…..and they are aware of that and counting
    on you not knowing until you get home!!!!!! Not the way I think a business should be run!!!!!!

  5. KFC service has gotten worse recently. I have gone through the drive-thru at 3 different locations within the last 2 or 3 months and never got what I ordered. Either the person taking the order has a hearing problem or a listening problem. I’m quite sure it’s the latter. I typically order 3 wings, coleslaw and biscuit. Since I go through the drive-thru I don’t take time to go through my order. At one location I received a wing, breast and coleslaw. At another location I ordered the same. When I got to the pick-up window I asked if there was coleslaw in the box. Good thing I asked, because they had put mashed potatoes in the order instead of coleslaw. Today I thought I’d try again at a different location and wouldn’t you know, the receipt said coleslaw, but I received mashed potatoes. To make matters worse I live 20 miles from the nearest location so it’s not a quick drive to return the dinner. Quite often when I get to my destination and open the box there’s no butter or there might be butter, but no spoon/fork. Never everything that should be with the order. All of your advertisements talk about 11 herbs and spices. I don’t know who mixes the herbs and spices, but they forget a few. There’s hardly any flavor to the chicken anymore. About the only good thing about KFC is the coleslaw. The only time I will go to KFC in the future is to buy a container of coleslaw. That shouldn’t be too hard to get right.

  6. Friday July 17 we drove thru at the Washington IN Burger King and I ordered 2 deals of the 8-piece chicken nuggets and my husband ordered a burger meal. His was fine but the nuggets were so cold, I’m not sure they even cooked them, just let them thaw out. I couldn’t stand to eat them. Then when I tried to fill out the BK survey, it wouldn’t let me. I am very disgusted and it will be a while before I go back if I don’t get some satisfaction through a response from you.

  7. Very Dissatisfied! On July 31st at 5:41pm , I placed an order through the drive up window. Survey code: G1358430731201**5, receipt ticket #17*5. I requested the 12 PC Meal + 12 Buf wings. The order was not ready when arriving at the window. I had been waiting in line behind 4 cars. I paid for the order at the window. The person at the window kindly ask me to pull over to a parking space and they would delivery the order to the car. At 6:19pm the order had still not been delivered to the car. At this time, I decided to go into the store to understand what was taking so long to fill this order. Upon entering the store, I observed several employees talking on phones and joking around. Once I complained the quickly filled my order.

    Upon arriving back home I started to make a plate for dinner. That is when I found on 11 pieces of chicken, missing a breast and the containers for the coleslaw and mac & cheese was only 1/2 filled. I understand this is fast food and you pay your employees low wages however when i pay $36.68 for a meal I expect to get what I pay for in a timely manner. This store failed expectations in both cases. If I decide on chicken dinner in the future, I will be more likely to visit your competition right down the street.

  8. Hi . I was told that after ordering a 4 pc chicken combo that it would be extra 2.00, for all white meat . Ok . Then I was charged 2.29 for green beans. I have always ordered green beans and have never been charged if I did not get mash potatoes. Total was 15.48 . Was told wait out front it would be 8 mins . I paid and my time was at 5:39 pm I did not get my order until 6:16pm. After I went back through the drive thru and complained about my order or Give me my refund … was told another 4 mins . I have never had problems with the KFC . I’m a regular customer. But after this I doubt I will come back. They were not busy when I ordered . After the parking lot filled up and emptied 2 times , I was more than aggravated.

  9. When I ask my son, who works at the mine and stays with me on his working day’s, he’s from out of state, what would you like for dinner, I always get the same answer, “What else, KFC! I like to cook but we both love our KFC. The people at our KFC are the BEST! Very kind, polite and always with a smile.

  10. To bad that the people that have problems with their KFC don’t have the kind of KFC we have here in Elko, NV.

  11. I went though the drive-thru at store # E648033 on August 8, 2020 @ 1:34pm. I ordered a 2pc Combo, but upgraded the wing for a second breast. When I checked the ticket all was correct, but upon arrival at home to consume the meal I found that the wing had not be upgraded to a breast. $0.99 plus $0.07 in sales tax was paid. Needless to say I was disappointed enough to write you. The ticket # was 1463.

  12. What has happened to KFC? I remember when I was a young girl always looking forward
    when we had a A big ole bucket of KFC on our dinner table. That is nothing but a good memory.
    So much has changed with customer service at some of our favorite restaurants lately. Do they
    not teach customer kindness now? The food was awful, the food was cold and we live 5 minutes from
    the business, it was right at supper time when food should be hot and fresh.
    Wishing I could go back to the good old KFC days…..but I will never enter the
    store again. Too many chances and they don’t want my business.

  13. On August 17, 2020 at 1:58 pm, I ordered an eight (8) piece original meal. When I reached home there was seven (7) pieces of chicken in the bucket. Restaurant #E720482.

  14. I go to the KFC in Rock Island , Illinois but the last 2 times I have not been satisfied with the chicken. I usually get the breast and wing meal but yesterday the wing was so tiny and the breast was not as good as usual. I got the extra crispie but it was not good, I don’t think I will go back there because I don’t want to spend money on something that is not good. I have been going there for years and always loved it, but lately it is not good. The mashed potatoes and cole slaw were good.

  15. Drive Thur at KFC has gotten really bad. Get the wrong order just about everytime I go. Then you cannot call to complain or if you catch when pull up forward to see order and find wrong have to get back in line to get item redone. Also, charging wrong for items ordred. So by the time you get the whole order complete 1 hr or longer has passed. Some of the drive thur people not wearing mask as required by our state. Finally had to quit coming to KFC tired of having to put up with this problem.

  16. I placemy order on drive through for K 9 $ piece chicken comboat store #E720457 by order no2832, after we got our order and chechked it , Food was 3 piece instead of 4 piece ,i went backto drive through for the food, The cashier Named Daisy told me she is not responsible for any mistake and was not Ready to accept the mistake, I ask for Manager she told me she is the Manager, But she has no sense of satisfying the costomer, and was very Rude, what great Manager Kfc has, Thanks for wonderfull service

  17. August 26, 2020
    Today at 6:11 p.m. I visited KFC in Clovis, Ca. I am omitting the cashiers name on purpose. I always check my order before leaving with it as so may times it has been in error or inedible, e.g. chicken wings are just bones with dried hard skin. So, I went in to order as there were many cars in the drive through. It was busy however, I was the only one at the counter and after about 8 to 10 minutes I had to get someone’s attention to take my order. I ordered one chicken breast, 1 pint of coleslaw and two biscuits. I checked the box before stepping away from the counter. My order was wrong. There was a very small container of coleslaw. When I finally got the attention of someone to help me i was met with distain and was told that was what I ordered. I asked the young lady if she knew what a pint was. She seemed puzzled and had to get someone to help her. The other person told me if I wanted a pint I would have to pay the difference. I explained I was willing to do that. I was given the impression I was putting them out by requesting what I ordered. They turned their backs and walked away from me. First, I want to say i realize the people working in fast food work very hard, it was very busy but the lack of concern or ability to accept the fact she made an error was some of the worst customer service I have encountered at KFC in a long time. I have learned to check my order anytime i am in there due to the inefficiently in the past. It has been at least 6 months since I ordered from KFC and to have this happen again is the last straw. There is a variety of places to choose from these days when I want fried chicken. I will be sure to choose one of the others next time. P.S. The lady next to me ordered a diet coke and had to give it back to the clerk because it was only about 2/3 full. I observed that first hand.

  18. On 8/25/2020 I purchased 2 original chicken breasts with mashed potatoes (no gravy) at drive thru window. I could not chew the chicken; my son also said his was tough, but he managed. I always enjoyed KFC, even craved it on occasion. Needless to say, I was VERY DISAPPOINTED. Validation : G135413082520****

  19. We had the best experience I’ve ever had at a restaurant. We called ahead and didn’t have to get in a line. The General manager brought our order out to us as soon as we got there. I had explained when I phoned in our order that the last time I went there, we waited for 30 minutes only to find out they were out of original recipe. This time was much better. Dyersburg Tennessee can be proud of their GM.

  20. on 2020/08/28 1208 50th street Lubbock Texas ticket #2279
    order 12 uns ky wings, Ind Fries cost of meal was 12.55

    This is not the first time I purchased the same meal form this store , the chicken was dry and had been sitting under the warmer for some time there was no juice just dry meat and crust was flaking of. My problem is that the personal had to know the condition of the meat before they gave it to me very disappointed.

  21. Damon, at the KFC #J625168 is the best! He resolved an issue I had with a coupon for a free meal but the coupon was stamped at another KFC Restaurant which they would not honor. Damon made several calls to his manager trying to get my issue resolved all the while he maintained a cool and professional attitude. I really don’t know what happened regarding the coupon meal. What I do know is Damon honored a meal for myself and my husband at a discounted price. I was so appreciative especially because we are senior citizens and never experienced that kind of mix-up. Thank you Damon for your professionalism!!!!!!!!

  22. I LOVE KFC. VISITED KFC ON 9/6/2020 bought two orders of 2pc combo. the chicken was very dry. I was very disappointed . I love KFC. I KNOW ITS THE HOLIDAY WEEKEND BUT THEN CLOSE IF THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE TO WORK THERE TO GIVE PEOPLE GOOD TASTING CHICKEN.

  23. Monday night I stopped by KFC #g135487 at 5010 Aldine Westfield in Houston, Texas. I stopped because of the special advertised on the big sign tenders and fries for $5.49. When I got inside I was told that was the old price and it was now $6 something and I had to get a combo. That’s false advertisement. Though I’ve gone to this store once or twice a week for 3 years, I walked out. I don’t live in a chicken void. Churches is across the street from KFC. Hartz is a block and a half away. Popeyes about 3 miles and Chick-fil-A about 5. I will await your timely reply before calling the BBB.

  24. System won’t let me enter the Survey Code, to many numbers (21) . Tried to use alternate method and even with the correct data, it was rejected! Not very satisfied with the process!

  25. I live in Bartlesville we have one KFC . They never get your order completely right , for example this Sunday we ordered a $20 dollar fill up meal to take to the park for a picnic so we asked for plates and utensils (forks) they assured us that they had indeed put every thing in and to my determent I did not look . As you might guess no utensils! This is just the most resent. We have asked for no gravy on the box meal only for them to not put in any mash potatoes at all, we have even had them to not include half our chicken order and coleslaw . I would have taken the survey but half the last half of the validation code is missing (they tore he ticket of at an angle c9750450913 is all I cane make out

  26. I visited your restaurant on Sept.11,2020 and when I tried to do the survey tonight I was told that my receipt was too old or something like that. It has only been 4 days. After reading some of the other comments I have to agree. You are not the only chicken place in town. Not HAPPY Bob

  27. System won’t let me enter the code on the receipt. We had the crispy sandwich, fries and cole slaw. The only good thing was the cole slaw. The sandwich was cold, the bun hard and the fries cold and soggy. We are on a fixed income and treat ourselves once a month. To pay $26.62 for this meal was a big disappointment. Stick to mashed potatoes and your regular meal if you can’t make a decent sandwich

  28. We visited the KFC on 3150 South 6th street in Springfield, Illinois tonight. Our chicken was overcooked and underseasoned. Our biscuits were hard as a rock. We were charged for a large seasoned fries and they were missing. We paid nearly 57 dollars for food that was mostly inedible. And the customer service was horrible and rude. We have been longtime customers who just ate our last meal at your store.


  30. Hello to whom this may concern, My name is Lucinda Broadard and today 10/3/2020 at 11:59 I went to Taco Bell 029269 at 820 Southbridge St. Auburn, MA 01501. We went to the drive thru and Kennedy J was our terrible server. They were fooling around for one thing, next we get our order after a small wait. We sat there until we could get someone’s attention and I finally got my drink, and then we had to get her attention again for a straw. They were very unprofessional, and we were just surprised by their lack of attention to the customers. We live quite a distance away and I got Tacos, very good, but no napkins. My companion got a 4 piece TENDER Combo and was not even offered Sauce. The worst part was when we got home and he opened the KFC box. The look of the tenders were very dark and so hard he could not even bite into them. He was so shocked and disappointed. The tenders were far from tender and meat was way OVER COOKED. We very seldom get to go get food, due to my disability and our fixed incomes.

  31. We went to Taco Bell 029269 Auburn, MA. Kennedy J was our server. fooling around and terrible customer service. forgot my drink and then she forgot the straw, and was laughing. Tacos were good but no napkins. When we got home and opened the KFC box holding our chicken tenders, we were very shocked and disappointed because the tender were so over cooked to the point of burnt, and so hard and dry,. no sauce was offered. I am disabled and very seldom get out. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Sincerely, Lucinda Broadard

  32. I ordered the $20 Fill Up Meal plus an order of large fries at 6:35 PM. Returned home and found that the large fries and gravy were not in the order. Returned to the KFC just after 7PM and was when I advised them of the missing item, the employee went behind the hot prep area that food is served from. He quickly returned with a paper bag with the gravy and fries. Luke warm fries to go with the food at home that is now lukewarm. Only a sorry came with the bag. It would have been much nicer that I at least got hot fries.

  33. Drove to kfc at3:20. store #e720389. Prosser Washington.
    ordered12 piece meal.order taker said they only have legs and thighs, was ok ordered beans, they did not have
    any. payed $39.63. got home, chicken was barely warm, potatoes and gravy was barely warm, and chicken
    was dry like it was in heater too long. we were only five minutes drive from store. this is the second time at this store that
    we were dis satisfied with this store.

  34. I didn’t get a survey code so it told me to click on this and give ticket no.,and store number and date and I did and still didn’t get my free chicken sandwich

  35. At store on Los Gatos Blvd, Los Gatos, CA today @ 1:37pm.

    TICKET #2043

    Asked for the $20 Fill Up Meal advertised on tv past few months. Guy looked at me, shaking head “sorry, all we have is this $25.00 promotional…pointing to a ltg plastic bag filled w/soda atop of counter. “Same thing, its our promotional.” No txs, I dont want a $5.00 bag of soft drink, I said nicely. ” We have ice tea.” No txs, lets start over. Id like yr $20 Fill Up Value Meal…I saw it on TV last night, its why I drive here. “We have a $30 value ootion.” NO, the $20 option is what Id like. All of sudden he says “ok…& rings me up. I set my purse on top of counter & he yold me to pls remove it & my car keys. I said I need a place to set my purse down, to open zipper & fetch my wallet. He then mumbled something…wasnt good.

    I left totally exasperated & upset of having this guy give me a hard time about a product advertised on tv regularly. He was using a microphone & tried to embarrass me, I felt, although he picked wrong person. I know how to raise my voice too and I did match this loud mouth till he finally backed off & conceeded my point.


  37. Greetings, I have been tasked on identification, initiation and possible development of a business partnership with your company. I have reviewed referral sites, business social networking sites and interviewed a few List Investors and have drawn up a list of possible partners, from which your company has been identified. I visited your website and saw your products. I must say that I am quite impressed with the quality of your products. Hence,we want your company to supply large quantities of your product to our country for commercial use.Kindly get back to me for additional information with regards to our need/order and shipping timelines. Warm regards. Vicente Fuga

  38. went to 5877 Samuell blvd ticket 3269 10/30/20 7:23 pm (Tyneisha) cashier was a very nice servicer I spent 13.83 that might not sound like much to you but in this day in time it is money, this is the issue I brought my 3 1/2-year-old granddaughters with me cause she wanted KFC never asked for that hot spice chicken, she tried to eat them she kept complaining how hot they were, I tasted them from my order and they were too spice even for me and I’m 67 years old don’t want anything back at all just thought you should know, she got the rest of order correct [J625015 3 307 3269] didn’t realize just how spice it was until my grandbaby kept complaining like I said not asking for anything I just think it is sad that we had to find something else to eat, have a blessed day

  39. 2020-11-02 ticket #1470 I ordered 10 piece crispy chicken tenders, MP w/gravy and coleslaw. Order was to go, no dine in service. When I got home I received “Fill Up Meal” original chicken, lg coleslaw, lg MP w/gravy, lg mac and cheese and biscuit. The biscuits were hard. The mac and cheese dry that when scooped out of dish the whole thing came out of dish. Gravy was separated in dish. Chicken greasy and skin pulled off pieces. My husband and I will not be eating at any KFC again.

  40. Storec212003 tuning into a real getto store! Cashier came back to register and just stood there without saying anything! No welcome to kfc or anything else! Took my order very rudely and again didn’t say anything! No thank you or have a nice day! Nothing! Will not be going back!

  41. Sadly, during our drive-thru experience yesterday, Nov 14th, 2020, we made our order. 16 piece meal, 4 sides, biscuits. Paid, pulled up to get our order…..and we had ordered 2 things of coleslaw, because we love yours, and instead….received 2 containers of mashed potatoes and gravy. Apparently, either your order-taker or the order filler doesn’t listen or read. Seems like every time that we have ever been to this place, they have screwed the order up. Poor business practice. Guess the wife and I need to do business elsewhere…..

  42. I was at KFC on2324 south Madison st in Muncie Indiana on11/16/2020 at 4:44pm when we got the food the fries were cold and all dried out the chicken tenders were cold and dried out they forget are drinks didn’t notice until we got home was very disappointed lost are business

  43. Today at your store in Portland Tx #j625112 I ordered a K2 combo, which is supposed to be 2 breasts, when I opened it it was 1 breast and 1(dove) wing. Then I tried to call the store and let ring till it disconnected. This is not satisfactory for me or the KFC reputation. you need to clean out your employee base and start over. the people in the store now don’t give a sh-t about customer service.

  44. I have been sitting out in the parking lot for 25 minutes waiting for my food I will never and I repeat never come back to this corporation KFC SUCKS!!!!


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