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KFC has designed the MyKFCExperience survey. KFC being a colossal brand, has always made sure to cater to provide full customer satisfaction with its quality service. In the same vein, every big brand is also aware of the fact that there are always certain reviews and feedback that make them improve themselves on a regular basis. The survey at www.mykfcexperience.com is one such example. It provides the customers who availed KFC’s service to take some time and provide the company with a candid review of the service they got at the KFC outlet they ate at. In return, they provide you with a reward in terms of a free meal and much more.

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Here Are Certain Rules You Need To Keep In Mind Before Starting The Survey Process

The participant intending to go ahead with the survey must fulfill the following requisites.

  • A stable internet connection on an electronic device such as a computer, laptop, or smartphone.
  • The participant must be a resident of the United States of America.
  • The participant must be 18 years or above.
  • The participant must take the survey within a period of 30 days from the date of purchase at the KFC outlet.
  • The participant must have a valid receipt with the Survey Code and Time of Purchase mentioned on it.
  • The coupon received at the end of the survey must be used at the KFC outlet within a period of 30 days from the date of making the initial purchase whose receipt you are using.
  • You need to be well-versed with either English or Spanish as there are the two languages the survey is available in.

If You Are Thorough With All The Rules, Here Is The Process You Need To Know To Complete The Survey

Here is the step-by-step procedure to complete the MyKFCExperience survey:

  • Visit the official website of the KFC survey, i.e., www.mykfcexperience.com.
  • Choose the desired language to conduct your survey (it offers English and Spanish).
  • You will see a section wherein you need to provide:
    • The Survey Code mentioned on the receipt you got on your purchase from the KFC outlet. Make sure to enter it correctly.
    • The time of purchase, which is also mentioned on the receipt.
  • After you have filled in the details, click on “Enter,” and the survey will begin. You will need to answer a set of questions candidly and honestly. The survey is to collect genuine customer feedback so that the company can take corrective measures to improve on those drawbacks.
  • Once you are through with the survey, you will receive a coupon code or a verification code. Write down the same on your receipt and keep it safe.
  • Now, visit the KFC outlet within a period of 30 days from the date of initial purchase and provide the verification code at the counter to get your free KFC Go Cup.

So, this simple process will get the company to know their drawbacks, and you will get better service on your next visit to the KFC outlet. It is pertinent to mention here that if you are still left with any residual doubts, you can contact the customer support team at KFC without hesitation.

64 thoughts on “Take KFC Survey”

  1. Had a really nice experience with this KFC. Kayla help me and was very nice and helpful. Receive all that I asked for. Thank you Kayla.

  2. You advertise the 5.00 meal but it is not 5.00. The cashier was very rude. My last visiting KFC anywhere.

  3. My visit to KFC on Stoney Island Ave in Chicago, IL today, July 23, 2020, was frustrating!!! The biscuit was HARD AND COLD, the mac & cheese was dried out and NO EATING UTENSIL!!! As long as the service is this bad at this location I will never visit this location again!!! GOOD SERVICE is just as important as good food!!!

  4. I was very disappointed. I ordered 2 #2 crispy chicken meals this evening. Got home no fork no napkins. The chicken was so dry. I don’t think I will be coming back.

    • I was very disappointed tonight. I ordered 2 #2 crispy chicken meals. First there was no napkins or plastic ware. The chicken was so dry and looked like it had been there for a long time. I Have always loved your chicken. But now I will rethink ever coming back.

  5. I was very disappointed in buying the 20 dollar fill up.the pieces were very small and had only one breast.I will think twice before buying it again.

  6. Got a bucket of chicken at New Martinsville Wv. today and I won’t be getting anymore until KFC gets back to there original quality.
    Chicken appeared to have been cooked ahead of time and possibly reheated in a microwave, very small drum sticks and wings. I think the crows around here have bigger!!

  7. I went to the Mykf on Central Avenue in East Orange, NJ and it was horrible. I went last week and it was bad and I tired it again today and it was worse. The chicken wing was the size of a newborn baby chick and the breast was not well cook. I ordered cole slaw and corn for the 2 sides and when I got home with he order, I have corn and mashed potatoes and the receipt said cole slaw and corn. Very disappointed! Will not go to KFC again.

  8. Survey Code E7910310801201***. Thanks for not asking to complete the survey even though I used the web address that was on the receipt.

    Restaurant E791031 drive through (191 West Gonzales Road, Oxnard CA. was terrible.

    Attempted contactless payment through Samsung Pay. The server did not understand the need to not keep moving the credit debit card reader when attempting to make payment. The Server would constantly say:
    “Sorry Boss, it won’t go through.” As I paid with my Samsung watch at this KFC numerous times I asked him (server) to try to hold in more still.

    The Server stated ” it declines”. I repeatedly asked him to hold the credit debit card reader level and still. Then, on my 3rd attempt of running my Samsung S3 watch he suddenly pulls the credit debit card reader away and gives me my drink. No explanation, no communication.

    I asked him

    “As you kept telling me the card was declined, are you affirm that the transaction was accepted?”

    The Server did not answer. Instead, someone identifying herself as the Manger appeared. I asked her

    “As the server kept telling me the card was declined, can you affirm that the transaction was accepted?”

    She said, the card kept declining. I stated that I knew that but the Server never communicated to me through an affirmation that the debit credit card was accepted – that is, the transaction went through. Iasked the person identifying herself as the Manager

    “Can you affirm that the transaction was accepted?”

    She never answered.

    Ignoring what a customer asks is very disrespectful and discourteous. I will avoid this KFC and share my experience with others.

  9. I love KFC…best chicken and great service…and my dog loves her great treat they give her…Geneva Ohio KFC your great!

  10. Our order was missing 2 orders of mashed potatoes. I ordered a 5 piece chicken tender meal and got about 4 1/2 tenders.
    We called the store about the mashed potatoes but I hadn’t looked at the rest of my meal at that time.

  11. worse experience I have ever had with KFC. I ordered the 12 piece tenders meal I got the8 piece chicken . the chicken was hard and floating with grease. the biscuits were so hard when you broke them they just crumbled the only thing we could eat was the mac and cheese and potatoes and gravy.

  12. I am really upset with the KFC located at 1005 Bichara Blvd, The villages FL. I went there today and ordered the 3 piece combo chicken dinner and the #2 Taco order. When I got home I did not have the Taco’s . I live about 6 miles away so did not go back but I tried and tried to call them and the line was busy. So needless to say I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for my dinner. This is not the first time I have had poor service at this location. The time before we got no cole slaw. I was there a 3:29 pm on Sunday August 8th. The ticket number is G979014 2 238 1418. It is really disappointing when you don’t get your order.


  14. I have always had a good experience and my order is filled correctly. I do appreciate the safety measure the KFC is taking at the Pickerington, OH locastion.

  15. KFC #G135453
    PELHAM, AL 35124
    The drive-thru cashier Netta was superb. She exudes positivity and has a very pleasant voice that makes you want to order the entire menu if she would ask. Job very well done!!!!!

  16. We went to the KFC in West Branch Michigan on 08/17/20. When we got home we didn’t get what we had ordered we were missing the Mac N Cheese that we paid for. We live about 40 minutes away so we didn’t go back for it

  17. i went to the north Topeka store in Topeka Kansas. this is the #2 time i had a problem. this time the order was for 10 pieces of chicken – got 8 – asked for sierra mist no ice. 2 dollars for water is not my idea of wisdom. I had visited here several years back. Bought a family bucket and sides. Went to school ( code class) ( and 30 witnesses ) – i got Food poisoning from the chicken. I called the manager of the store – was given to “”James “” and by the way he spoke – it was a black man. I told him i wanted to bring back the remaining chicken and watch him eat it. He said he would kick my as if i brought him back bad chicken ( apparently he knew it was bad before they sold it ) . i wont redeem the code they gave me – nor will i ever eat from a K F C in Topeka ks. So you know there is no lie here – i am a 70 year old man – and retired union electrician form local 226. Money i have and money i will never pay again to get sick or shorted by shysters – bad stores are out there – and this is one.

  18. I ordered 2 meals . 1 was breast extra crispy, green beans, french fries, the second was 3 tenders, mashed pot and gravy and mac and cheese. the one with the breast was correct, the one with the tenders had green beans and no mac and cheese. KFC in shawnee, OK is known for screwing up orders, now i known its true.

  19. Love the food at KFC great service clean bathrooms , price is ok. i did not get my receipt with my order but i did get this green coupon.so i wish to tell you i was in Pt. Charlotte last Monday around noon. Don’t know exact time.

  20. Visited the Poteau, Ok KFC on 8/29/2020 @12:04pm order #185. We ordered 1-1pc $5 Fillup & 1- 3pc $5 Tenders plus a Beefy 5 layer Burrito. Cashier Alexis J was Very Slow. When we got our order she Didn’t even have our drinks ready. The store only had 3 other people in it & 2 in line waiting on their order to go. I had to ask for our Drinks & then she gave the To Go ladies their drinks but left mine sitting between the registers & didn’t even say anything to me. So I had to Ask again for our drinks. I opened my box of Tenders & the 1st one I pull out has a Black Burned Line almost all the way thru the middle. I took my food to front & had to ask a manager for help. She just looked at the food & went Oh. I told her I wanted All New Food but, she Ignored me & then dug thru the Tenders in work table basket & threw some in a box & just laid it on the counter & walked away. There was Never an Apology or Real acknowledgement of the Issue with Food. I am Very Disappointed in the Lack of Service & Food Quality. My grandson worked at this location during High School & there were Never Issues with Burnt Dry Nasty Chicken or anything. Since Management has Changed this store has gone Down the Drain.

  21. Phoned in my order early; as instructed last time I ordered Chicken Pies (to avoid wait time). When we got there at Lihue KFC, and let them know we were there to pick up our Chicken Pies (said to be done and ready), we received two Chicken thighs and not pies. Quite disappointed. We were then told we needed to wait 14 minutes for them to bake our pies.
    As we were in a rush, paid for two chicken thighs and the other order we called in, and left. No chicken pies tonight. Changed our menu. The staff who took order thought she heard thighs, not pies.

  22. Did not get all I ordered. They told me I had to come back right then or it was too late. so I am out $6.29 for the papa burger. We got the bucket of chicken and order of fries but missing the burger. I am thinking of cancelling the credit card transation.Only because they were very rude and tried to say I hadn’t order burger it is on the
    receipt and paid for. the store is E080044 cashier Rosal Ba. I expect KFC to send me a refund, I may have to go online and trash this place.

    • My husband and I recently had yet another disturbing experience at KFC, it was 7:00 pm we were the second car in drive thru.Due to the covid pandemic which may I remind you has now been going on for 6 months so its not the new now. We attempted to order to $5 fill-ups but they only had crispy no original available so I then ordered the 5 piece chicken tenders. We drove up and paid for our meal and like the car ahead of us we were ask to pull over out of the drive thru line and wait for our meal there were no cars behind us. At 7:15pm the young man handed us a bag of food calling out our order he then took another bag to the car ahead of us, he then came and said do you have the right order? Did you touch anything inside the bag? He switched our bags and we were on our way to the park to eat we get there no condiments salt or ketchup and only four chicken strips. This is unacceptable in so many ways. I am a former boss and these young people need more training. This is not our first poor experience at this KFC about six weeks earlier we stopped third car in line young lady ask if we wanted the $30 fill-up we said no she said just a minute and 20 minutes later when the cars were wrapped around the building we got out of line and left without ever placing an order.

  23. Visited restaurant #D236002, met with Maria the manager and she was able to help me with the order I needed for one of my companies customer. Maria and her staff were able to take a order of 55 Fill up boxes to take for the EVS hospital staff at St. Jude Medical Center for the 1st and 2nd shifts. The orders were ready on time for both shifts. The EVS Director was very appreciative of the of the great tasting food. A BIG thank you, to Maria and her staff.
    Robert Moreno
    Healthcare Account Manager
    Mission Linen Supply

  24. Had a great “to-go” KFC dinner from KFC purchased from a Taco Bell Location store # 029319. 250 Albany Turnpike, Canton CT on 9/15/2020. Offer only valid at this KFC. Time 5:15:00 PM. Order number: 139717, ticket # 117.
    Subtotal $20.09, tax $1.48,
    total: $21.57

    Dinner was really tasty.

    Tried to fill out the WWW MYKFCECPERIENCE COM attempting to get a free Krispy Colonel Chicken Sandwich with the purchase of any drink. If I were able to fill this out the offer would supposed be good for 30 days.

    Unfortunately this receipt DOES NOT INCLUDE or is there Anywhere printed on the receipt a SURVEY CODE. What’s up with that?

    No survey = No Feedback

    Little disappointed 😔

  25. Well, the mykfcexperience survey doesn’t work. Survey code C4260020925201667 09/25/20 2:05 PM
    I hadn’t been to KFC for years until yesterday. I had seen the ads for french fries so decided to try the tenders combo. All I really wanted was the tenders, sauce and fries. Fries had a good flavor but were mushy and not warm. I won’t buy them again.

  26. went to KFC in Del city OK first it took me 30 minutes to get there because of Street work. not there fault. I order three pot pies, she said they were out. She said that they go through so many in the afternoon that they can’t keep up.So I order the #1 original and # 14 crispy. When I Finley got home I had 2 # 1 one was real crispy the other was burnt to a crisp. The Cole slaw was hot and nasty. I had quit going because the food was not really very good.Well I won’t be going back any time soon.

  27. I order a lot from KFC and always had great tasting chicken . This time I ordered a bucket from store #J130040 in NJ and it was not good at all as there was no taste , it was much more greasy and I got sick . I am not sure why but I will not buy it from there again !! NY KFC is much better . Maybe I will get a coupon for a new bucket ? I hope so .

  28. Disappointed. Ordered five piece meal. Receipt say Breast, Leg, 2 Thighs, Wing. What we got was a breast and four wings. It was a long Friday at the end of a long week no one had the energy to go back and complain.

    The place was clean and the staff friendly and quick. Fantasia is wonderful at customer service skills. So disappointing to find I was sent out the door with a lesser order because they knew we won’t be back. They’re right

    G1357533523470 10/02/2020 7:47Pm

  29. The chicken that was given me was dry, hard and had to give to a dog. The worst I’ve had they were out of most of the crispy chicken that I requested so I ordered the Tenders, the french fries were cold and the biscuit was also cold.
    With this kind of food service I don’t know if I will go back, Popeye’s is close by.
    My Code::E64802421781211.

  30. Hello. I am a customer was prompted to visit KFC because of of commercial I saw onTV. The commercialsaid I could get a bucket of KFC called a fillup for $20.00. When I went into the KCF on Taraval St in San Francisco they told me I could only get this offer online. No exceptions. There were at least two other customers, they also wanted the fill up deal for $20.00. I was conflicted. I didnt know what to do as I had 4 hungry kids in the car and one hungry husband. Not to mention Covid 19. To feed my family I ended up spending over $42.00 with tax on a meal deal that was not a deal. I was pissed. I called 2 otherstores and they confirmed that I could have walked in to any other KFC and gotten the $20.00 fill up deal. I lost my appetite at this point as now my huband and I were arguing about the situation. I dont think I was treated fairly and spent money that I could have used else where. I would like tp request a refund. I was misleaded by your employee and spent twice the amount that I should have spent. My ticket number #2319. date of purchase 10-12-2020 @ 8:31 pm on Taraval St in San Francisco.

  31. Tried don’t survey. Would not let me continue to add rest of information….
    As to my complaint I ordered two $5.00 fill up boxes. Receipt even showed chocolate chip cookies, But never received the two cookies… After waiting over half an hour in the drive thru lane….

  32. I am very pleased with the KFC Restaurant #Y309205 at 356 E Main Street, Apopka, FL. The manager, Renee, is the best! She is very careful with details and always has my orders perfectly packed and ready to go. She is excellent with customer service and always treats me well. I really appreciate knowing that I can count on Renee when I need to cater lunches. Thank you, Renee and Team!!

  33. my server here at the Pahrump restaurant name: shyeila was very helpful and nice. she made a recommendation on the menu that I was satisfied with my purchase. I will continue to order from this kfc hopefully Shyeila will continue to serve me.

  34. First of all I couldn’t take the survey at mykfcexprience for some unknown phoney reason. So I will leave my review here. The chicken was very greasy again. The taste has gotten very bland over the years. KFC used to be my favorite chicken place but it has really gone down hill. This was at restaurant #0556012. The service was fast and the employees very polite and professional. You owe me a free chicken sandwich.

  35. My experience at this KFC/Long Jon Silvers restaurant was horrible! We two fish and shrimp platters with French fries and coleslaw and hush puppies. They forgot the fries on both orders! The batter was awful and not tasty. My wife’s batter was not even cooked on one of her fish! The food was greasy and one my shrimp was just batter and flat as a pancake. The coleslaw was dry also. We will never go to this restaurant again. As a matter of fact We will never eat at Long John Silvers again! I demand my money back which was a total of $ 13.98 Please remit.
    David M. Campbell

  36. My experience at this KFC/Long Jon Silvers restaurant located at Polaris Parkway in Columbus, OH. on Oct. 30, 2020. Was horrible! We purchased two fish and shrimp platters with French fries and coleslaw and hush puppies. They forgot the fries on both orders! The batter was awful and not tasty. My wife’s batter was not even cooked on one of her fish! The food was greasy and one of my shrimp was just batter and flat as a pancake. The coleslaw was dry also. We will never go to this restaurant again. As a matter of fact We will never eat at Long John Silvers again! I demand my money back which was a total of $ 13.98 Please remit.

    David M. Campbell


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